Present voucher

Next-generation escape room - no padlocks and keys, your thoughts, cool puzzles and friends.

Present voucher

Give an original and wonderful gift to your loved ones, friends or colleagues. The gift voucher for Kryptos Secret is customized for both the recipient and the occasion. It is an exciting gift that will create beautiful memories of the person you give it. The voucher recipient alone will choose when to play his team.

We can offer a team building game, birthdays, name days, special occasions and anniversaries, maiden or bachelor parties, marriage suggestions. For every occasion, the room allows for customization for the team to play.

Валидността на подаръчния ваучер е шест месеца от датата на закупуването. В рамките на този период е нужно да направите резервация за игра, без значение от часовия диапазон и/или избрания час. Кодът от ваучера се въвежда в последната стъпка на резервационната ни форма, намираща се тук.

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Are they excited? The The Secret of Kryptos awaits you.

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