Игра в ескейп стая в Тайната на Криптос.

Two players

50 BGN person
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Three players

41 BGN person
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Four players

37.5 BGN person
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Five players

35 BGN person
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Six players

33 BGN person
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We guarantee that you will be pleased. If you are not pleased with the experience, we will make a refund. *

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the idea behind the game?

This is an adventurous live team game where you and your team will be locked in a specially adapted room within 75 minutes. It recreates the "escape the room" computer games in real-world conditions. The objective of the game is to find the exit from the room, making any correct decision of a mystery, leading you to the next.

Is it scary or something?

No. The game is not scary or frightening. It is designed to be challenging and fun. However, we expect the environment and the game to increase your level of adrenaline.

Will you give me the money if I did not like the game?

* Yes. If you started the game and we have failed to meet your expectations, tell us within the first 30 minutes of your game start and get back the full amount paid.

What if we can not solve a riddle inside?

During your game, our employee will be watching you. He knows exactly what you have done and how close you are to the decision of the mystery. We use a hint system that will not let you out of the room. This, of course, does not mean that the operator will solve the game for you, but just make sure you have fun all the time.

What are the methods of payment and does it need to be paid in advance?

No prepayment is required. To book our room you only need to fill in the reservation form. You can pay in cash or using a debit / credit card. If you wish to pay for the bank transfer game, this is our account details:

I have a present voucher. How do I use it?

You can choose a convenient day and hour for you from our booking form and enter the voucher code in the "Promotional code / voucher" field. If your team consists of more players than those listed on the voucher, additional players have to pay 20BGN per person.

How do you rank the teams through the room?

For ranking, we use a point system where the team with the most points heads the rankings. For their calculation, we take into account several factors - the number of participants, the difficulty of the room puzzles, the time spent in the room and the number of hints received. The starting points of each team are determined by the number of participants. For 2 participants - 160 points, for 3 participants - 157.5 points, for 4 participants - 155 points, for 5 participants - 152.5 points, for 6 participants - 150 points. If the team has chosen the toughest option, the game gets an additional 6 points. For each passing minute in the room the team loses one point. Each hint requested takes points - the guiding hint takes 3, and the specific one takes 5, but you can not lose more than 8 points for one puzzler.

How many people can play and should I know their exact number when booking?

The game is designed for a team of 2 to 6 players. You can add a participant at any time before your time. We recommend teams the number of four participants as optimal for a quality experience.

Is there a way to get into a physical trap in the room?

No. Your safety is our top priority. If a participant so wishes, he can leave it at any time. The remaining players can continue their game if they wish.

How can I reserve, change or cancel an hour?

You can book an hour by using our online form or by calling 0889 353 236. If you understand that you can not come to the playing time, please contact us as soon as possible to assist you with the change of the day and o'clock. A team has changed or refused a reservation in the last 48 hours before the game, losing the right to use a discount on the game's price upon re-booking.

Is there an age restriction for game participants?

Individuals aged 16 or over can participate in the game. For players, under the age of 16, the participation of an equal number or more adults in the game is mandatory.

When we should be there?

It is recommended that each group arrive 10 minutes before their starting time. This is necessary because a brief instruction about the game should be held. In case of a delay of more than 15 minutes after the set time, your reservation is canceled. An exception may only be made if, after your reservation, the next game hour is not retained by another team.

How to get there?

Our address is: Sofia, ж.к. Yavorov, Manus Voyvoda №1. The street is the penultimate street on Tsar Ivan Asen II Street. The entrance of our office is located 30 meters from Tsar Ivan Asen II Street and is directly on the sidewalk of the street. You can park by car all the streets around Myst Entertainment, which are part of the Green Zone.

What are you going to advise me to get out of the room?

Communicate! This is a team game. It is not possible for a person to leave the room. Think aloud and develop the good ideas of your teammates. If you find something, do not forget to share it with others. You do not have to climb or lie on the floor to look for objects on or under the furniture. All you need is located in an easily accessible place. You also do not have to move the furniture and the objects on the walls. Tell us before the game if a team member suffers from claustrophobia, asthma, or other illness that may occur in a confined space. Finally the most important thing: This is a game, FUN! 😃

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