About The Secret of Kryptos

Next generation escape room - no padlocks or keys. Room full of cool puzzles for you and your team!

Break free from your everyday life

It's just a way to get away from everyday life in an fun and interesting way.

Reveal the secret detective power in you

Find out whether you are cooperative and communicative enough to solve the puzzle.

Solve the riddles

You love solving some riddles? Here you will find many who expect their faithful answer to move on.

The Secret of Kryptos

Unspoken codes. Secret messages. International intrigue. The mysterious art. A challenge for code-breakers around the world. All this is a truly existing sculpture located in the CIA courtyard and called Kryptos by its creator James Sanborn. Mystery continues to surround this artwork for 29 years, during which no one has been able to decrypt Kryptos' entirely encrypted message. Are you ready to confront this mysterious mystery?

Резервирай своя час

6 reasons why playing in escape room is cool

We have tackled the most important of the most important reasons to become part of the escape community.


Laughter, friends, laughter and stories to tell you together. Something better?


Increase the levels of the strongest hormones in your body.

Team work

You and your friends, single crew, our riddles and some team spirit.


What better than doing something with your own hands being offline for 75 minutes?


Experience that you will want to repeat and a feeling you will not be able to forget.


75 минути, които не приличат на никои други, с една дума: "Преживяване".

The secret of Kryptos, awaits...

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